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Dalene started off her writing career by writing children's stories for the radio programme Siembamba to supplement the family's income. She first read the stories to her own children before submitting her work to the SABC. If her children listened to the stories to the very end, she knew they would work. But if any of them started to fidget, she knew she had to rewrite the story.

She wrote only one children's book - Die Twaalfuurstokkie (The Twelve O' Clock Stick) which was published in 1970.

Twelve O' Clock StickTwelve O' Clock Stick
This children's book, published in 1970, tells the story of Doeksie who had to look after the ducks and had to be back home by 12:00 more

Dalene Matthee, Suid-Afrikaanse skrywer van 13 boeke, is veral bekend vir haar vier Bosboeke" wat in die Knysna-bos afspeel. Haar boeke is in 14 tale vertaal.
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