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Searching for an identity - this is one of the main themes in Dalene's books. Her books also explore the relationship between race and identity, and the extent to which race influences identity. Said Matthee: "The composition, DNA, personality - something of the race to which one belongs gives one something which is unique."

Her inspiration often came from the splendour of history, which she described as "often the only window through which one can climb to search for a silent truth. To search thoroughly and honestly."

Circles in a ForestCircles in a Forest
Saul Barnard is a woodcutter with a restless soul - he wants to keep strangers away from the Forest and stop the destruction of the Forest ... read more
Fiela's ChildFiela's Child
On the one side of the mountain, in the Long Kloof, there's Fiela Komoetie, devoted to her foundling - the child God entrusted to her one night when she found the three-year-old boy crying on her doorstep - a castaway lamb ... read more
The Mulberry ForestThe Mulberry Forest
Silkworm farmers from Italy were lured to Gouna in the Knysna Forest to establish a silk industry. The only problem was that mulberry trees refused to grow in sticky mud ... read more
It tells the story of the intimate relationship of an initiated "forest woman" with the heart of the forest, and how it becomes an obstacle in her experience of the man she loves ... read more
The Day the Swallows SpokeThe Day the Swallows Spoke
Araminta, a young white South African, is desperate to earn enough money to be able to leave her country and start a new life where she can belong to herself. It is forbidden for unlicenced individuals to trade in diamonds, but it is the only avenue open to Araminta ... read more
Pieternella, Daughter of EvaPieternella, Daughter of Eva
This is the story of Pieternella, daughter of the Danish surgeon Pieter van Meerhoff and the Hottentot woman Krotoa-Eva who has been banned to Robben Island more
Throughout his life, Moses Swart, shepherd from the Bredasdorp Strandveld, felt he never belonged to this land with its people from the sea and from the veld. He washed up on the beach as a young child, but where does this unabating feeling of another identity come from more
Twelve O' Clock StickTwelve O' Clock Stick
This children's book, published in 1970, tells the story of Doeksie who had to look after the ducks and had to be back home by 12:00 more

Knysna elephant

Knysna forest

Dalene Matthee, Suid-Afrikaanse skrywer van 13 boeke, is veral bekend vir haar vier Bosboeke" wat in die Knysna-bos afspeel. Haar boeke is in 14 tale vertaal.
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