Dalene Matthee

The Mulberry Forest

Silkworm farmers from Italy were lured to Gouna in the Knysna Forest to establish a silk industry. The only problem was that mulberry trees refused to grow in sticky mud. Disgruntled immigrants had to battle severe winter rains, fever and a lack of understanding. They were becoming increasingly disillusioned with the government dumping them in the wilderness under false pretences. The man coming their rescue was a forest person with an unruly daughter and a head full of plans – the headstrong Silas Miggel. He wanted to get them back on board a ship, heading for Italy.

  • Moerbeibos (The Mulberry Forest) has been translated into English, German, Dutch and Swedish.
  • Moerbeibos (The Mulberry Forest) is available in Braille and on cassette for the visually impaired.
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