Dalene Matthee


Journalist Amanda Botha, who was also a personal friend of Dalene, said the following about the author’s books: “She was a storyteller without compare. She enriched the Afrikaans narrative art by telling stories in a compelling and compassionate way. She also brought innovative aspects to the Afrikaans world of living, like an ecological appreciation of the Knysna Forest’s fauna and flora. She also liked to write about groups of marginalised people. She gave them meaning, humanity and soul.”

Dalene also renewed language by introducing new or previously unknown words and phrases into her stories – like naval terminology in a book like Pieternella, Daughter of Eva

According to Botha, Dalene had an eccentric view of history and of live – and she loved to tell stories.

  • The Day the Swallows Spoke
  • Pieternella, Daughter of Eva
  • Driftwood